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Tennis Davis Cup by the official broadcaster 1 Play Sports

After a long wait of 25 years, Singapore has finally received the opportunity to once again host the tennis Davis Cup and 1 Play Sports is thrilled to broadcast the tournament live.

All matches of the Davis Cup Asia 2019 will take place in the OCBC Arena of Singapore Sports Hub from the 26-29th of June. Over the course of these 4 days, the chosen competitors from Singapore will be competing against top players from several countries around the world, including Vietnam, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Syria and Malaysia.

"It is not going to be easy [for the players] as their opponents are all of a higher ranking. However, with home ground advantage, I hope the boys will be spurred on to show their fellow Singaporeans what they are capable of." stated Singapore Tennis Association president Nicholas Lim.

1 Play Sports is extremely pleased to be the official broadcaster of the Davis Cup Asia 2019 and the live broadcast of the event will be available at our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for the first match on the 26th of June!!

For more details, contact Tanwi at (65) 8402 8590 or

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