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Free Fitness Kits For Singapore Homes by Qiren Organisation and 1 Play Sports

1 Play Sports, a dedicated promoter of community, local, and grassroots level sports via its production and streaming services, has launched a Stay Home Stay Safe Stay Fit initiative starting mid-June 2020 where Singaporeans can register for a free fitness kit to be delivered to their homes.

1 Play Sports has come together with Qiren Organisation, to continue its efforts in keeping Singaporeans healthy and fit post-COVID-19 outbreak. The first round of registrations saw an overwhelming response from Singaporeans and received 100,000 sign-ups completing the subscription for the round. Qiren Organisation has already started reaching out to the registrants for delivering their free fitness kits. Given the massive response to the campaign, the organisation will slowly but surely reach out to every single registrant.

“This is a great effort to engage Singaporeans and motivate them to stay safe and stay fit in these tough times. We are thrilled to get such a massive response in less than a week. The success from this campaign opens up new avenues for 1 Play Sports to engage its audience, partner with other community-focused businesses, and fulfill its social responsibility towards a fitter & healthier Singapore”, said Anthony Raj, COO, 1 Play Sports.

The free fitness kit, as part of the initiatives to support AIA Vitality wellness program, aims to encourage Singaporeans to maintain a healthier, longer, and better life even without stepping out of their homes during this challenging time. The kit which contains fitness items including a gym bag, yoga mat, skipping rope, push-up bars, dumbbell bottles, cooling towel, etc., can be used for home workouts as demonstrated in health & fitness shows by 1 Play Sports on its social media & television platforms for four hours every day.

In addition to the fitness kits, Qiren Organisation is also curating a series of fitness classes including Zumba, Yoga, and Kickboxing every week in their North & West Hub in Singapore to further synergise the entire campaign.

The conversations to open the second round of registrations and allow more people to join the campaign have already started. Singaporeans will be able to register for the kit at 1 Play Sports social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


About Qiren Organisation

Founded in 2017, Qiren Organisation, an authorised representative of AIA Singapore, has become one of the fastest-growing agencies, specialising in insurance for families and kids. Housed in two innovative offices in the North (opening in August 2020) and West region of Singapore, their offices come with state-of-the-art amenities such as theatre, café, indoor playground, and library. With in-house Marketing, Creative and Technology Department, they provide support to the financial servicing teams and develop rewarding initiatives through collaborations and partnerships to promote health, education, fitness, and family bonding activities, winning many ground-breaking records, accolades, and awards.

For Media Enquiries, contact:

Tanwi Kaushik

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1 Play Sports

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